Before we start coding, we need to understand why and when we use this design pattern.

Imagine that you want to watch the famous tv series “Friends” on your TV.

The problem is that Friends can be watched in different platforms as Netflix, tv channel Warner, etc. So, how do we create an algorithm to apply different ways to watch the same thing?

Strategy pattern help us do exactly that in the best way possible.

In resume,

Design Pattern “Strategy” helps us implement different solutions to the same problem.

In this pattern, different strategies are applied to the same context.


In this article we’ll analyze the pros of using DataOps in your business model and the ways to successfully create business strategies and develop better products using data analytics.

After this post you’ll be able to:

  1. Understand the concepts of DataOps and how it generates value continuously
  2. Know the DataOps Manifesto and its principles
  3. Recognize the ways to implement DataOps

What is DataOps?

DataOps can be explained as a process-oriented methodology used to acquire, store, process, assure quality and performance and deliver relevant information to the end user, in an ongoing and reliable procedure. …

“Computers are able to see, hear and learn. Welcome to the future.” — Dave Waters.

Machine learning’s explosive growth is now a fact instead of a vision. Many useful tools were born in the last two years using it, and the need of implementing intelligent solutions is a life and death need for the arising companies as well as the ones that still want to survive the 4.0 revolution.

But what is machine learning and how can we use it to our advantage? In which situations can we successfully implement a machine learning solution? How does it works?


Considering Machine…

Ruben Acevedo

Software Engineer | DevOps, Agile, Innovation.

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